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Beauty Blogger Reviews offers both Sponsored ($) and Press Sample (free) reviews! The reviews I do are based on my own skin and hair type. I accept beauty products, services, travel and event invites, from businesses, companies, and organizations — small and large — for consideration.

Beauty Blogger Reviews is monetized through advertising, sponsored reviews, affiliate & PPC marketing, advertorials and other forms of cash advertising. Though complimentary products, services and/or compensation is being provided I always promise to give my readers my honest opinion, findings, beliefs, or experiences on that particular topic, service or product. I reserve the right to not review/post products for any reason and I do not guarantee a positive review under any circumstance.

The views and opinions expressed on my blog are purely my own and I would never endorse or encourage the promotion or sale of a product or service that does not meet my standard expectations. I reserve the right to not review or post products for any reason and I do not guarantee positive reviews on products or services. In keeping with full disclosure for the sake of the FTC and the trust of my readers, all posts are acknowledged with FTC post header buttons similar to the ones seen below.

Products I will consider for review:

• Cosmetics
• Beauty Tools
• Bath & Body
• Skincare Services
• Hair Products
• Subscription Boxes
• Perfume

• Hair Tools & Stylers
• Hair Extensions
• Jewelry
• Clothing & Shoes
• Nail Care & Polish
• Personal Hygiene items
• Electronics

Press Sample Reviews (free)

Press Sample Reviews are executed and completed at the discretion of myself, determining what type of post (written, video or combination) will be the best fit for the review. All products that are submitted for review are for consideration only and will not be returned, whether it is reviewed or not. Submitting press samples does not guarantee a blog review, video or mention on my blog or any social media sites that I am affiliated with. I cannot guarantee a time frame when your review will appear in a post, as Sponsored Post Reviews are always given priority to Press Sample Reviews.

Sponsored Post Review ($):

Sponsored Post Reviews are guaranteed to appear in a post within 3 weeks of product delivery confirmation (dependent on the product review timeline). As a Sponsor, you will have several options for the type of review for your product, such as a written review, a video unboxing or review, how-to / demonstration video, or a combination of written and video. You will also have the opportunity to choose which three social media outlets of mine you would like to promote your post through as well as have the opportunity to provide a horizontal banner to be attached at the bottom of your post, forever in the archives.

I retain full copyright over all the articles and content within my blog. No part of my posts or videos may be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent from myself, Ashley Elizabeth.

Beauty Blogger Product Review Request

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