StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

Posted: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 10:00 AM
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StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

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Discover StriVectin, the pioneer in clinical anti-aging skin & hair care powered by NIA-114™. Formulated specifically for no-nonsense beauty seekers.

StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

Over 10 years in the making, the globally awarded brand, StriVectin launched their first three targeted hair care collections: Ultimate Restore, Max Volume and Color Care at the beginning of the year. Pioneering the science of ageless hair, the StriVectin Hair line tackles the most common signs of aging strands head-on with a breakthrough holistic approach. Developed with proprietary NIA-114 technology, each collection includes a sulfate-free shampoo, a revitalizing conditioner and two hyper-focused treatments designed to address the top unmet needs of aging hair from root to tip.

StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

I was lucky to be one of the first to try StriVectin’s haircare line. It arrived at absolutely the perfect time and even included a super soft turban along with a handwritten note. I took the product photos and the following Friday morning I woke up to food poisoning. By Sunday, I ended up in the hospital and it was literally the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life. As I was beginning to recover the next week, my hair started massively falling out and it felt like a hay stack.

To be honest I was a bit nervous to try new haircare products in the fragile state my hair was in, but today, a few months later I’m convinced the StriVectin products saved my hair. I could tell an immediate difference, even while my hair was wet when using the StriVectin verses my normal shampoo and conditioner (Sexy Hair Concepts). The difference was in the smoothness and softness even when rinsing the conditioner out.

StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

Both the StriVectin shampoo and conditioner have a thick formula. The shampoo lathers up slowly with a bit of water and rinses out easily, which is always a concern of mine, as my hair is pretty thick and coarse. Some shampoos are the devil to rinse out. Don’t you hate it, when you think you have all the shampoo rinsed out and start to put conditioner in and it suds up…no bueno, but this was not the case with StriVectin.

The StriVectin conditioner didn’t weigh down my hair nor did it take my hair any longer to blow dry. I also noticed that each time I used the StriVectin, my hair would shed less than if I used the Sexy Hair Concepts. Also probably due to the fact that over the following weeks, my health was getting back to normal, but I did go back and forth between the two product lines for two reasons.

First, I didn’t want to use it all up, as I go through lots of shampoo and conditioner. The StriVectin shampoo and conditioner are $23.00 each for an 8.5 ounce bottle. I regularly use 33.8 ounces about every six weeks. Roughly I use about 1.25 ounces of shampoo and 1.5 ounces of conditioner each time I was my hair and always out of conditioner first. Gasp…I know that sounds like a lot and it is, but remember I have a lot of hair! The little three ounce travel size containers will last me three times at the most and that’s being very conservative. I don’t wash my hair everyday, actually I only try and wash it three times a week at the most! Conclusion of my paragraph…I didn’t want to be out of StriVectin in two weeks.

The second and main reason, I switched backed and forth between StriVectin and Sexy Hair Concepts was the scent. I absolutely adore the scent of Sexy Hair Concepts and I really tried to like the scent of the StriVectin Color Care line but I just couldn’t. I would always get compliments on the scent, as everyone thought it was perfume. The Color Care line has a very floral fragrance which I have learned through Scentbird is not my complimentary scent. I was excited to learn that all three collections of the StriVectin hair care line are fragranced differently and all three scents were created with a French perfumist! The products from each collection can be mixed and matched depending on the your hair care needs and were made to all complement each other and can be used in tandem.

StriVectin Color Care Hair Products

As mentioned earlier, each StriVectin Hair collection comes with two targeted products. The Color Care Line comes with an UV Protective Spray and a Vibrancy Booster. The UV Protective Spray is a lightweight spray that shields hair fibers from oxidizing UV rays and environmental stressors to resist color fade. It is a thick spray, that has a creamy texture and has the least amount of fragrance out of the four in the Color Care Collection. I’ve only used the UV Protective Spray once to test out, as I haven’t been out in the sun at all, hence my Vitamin D deficiency! (That’s another story for another post.)

The StriVectin Vibrancy Booster is a nourishing treatment that enlivens colored tones while infusing hair and scalp with moisture. The consistency is like a cream but more on the fluid side that is light honey colored. My hair was definitely more manageable and was softer to the touch when using the treatment and the fragrance of this product was by far the strongest out of the four. The scent would still be lingering a few days later, so if you are looking for a strong scented floral hair product, the Vibrancy Booster will be your best friend, along with enhancing your hair.

Right now the StriVectin Hair Care Collections are only available for purchase online. If you are like me and prefer to try things before you commit to a large purchase, StriVectin is currently offering small starter kits in all three collections at Sephora. As always, don’t forget to follow StriVectin on social media for the latest updates and releases.

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