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Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume

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Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco, CA. In 2014, Erika Shumate and Christine Luby founded the company with the vision to make high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial.

Pinrose Perfume

As my blog has grown, I’ve started doing more perfume reviews. I was never a perfume girl, but I’m slowly turning into one. Pinrose got in contact with me recently and asked if I would be interested in trying out two of their new Sephora exclusive fragrance perfumes. Fast forward a few weeks, and I am here today, to introduce you to Pinrose’s latest scents.

Started in 2014, Pinrose is a niche line that was created by Erika Shumate and Christine Luby who wanted to make high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, experience. All Pinrose eau de parfums are unique pieces of wearable art that are inspired by mood boards, songs, and personas. The scents are manufactured in the U.S. using high quality, sustainable ingredients collected from around the world. All Pinrose products are phthalate, paraben, cruelty and gluten free.

Pinrose Perfume

I had never heard of Pinrose, but that’s no surprise since I’m not on the up and up with perfume, but from the looks of their website and unique graphics I was very excited to try some new scents. Pinrose also collaborates with some very well known, master perfumers like Richard Herpin, who crafted Wild Child and David Apel who crafted Gilded Fox. When I received the package, included was absolutely the cutest bag I’ve ever received. It’s a clear bag that has a rainbow shine that reflects different colors depending on where the light hits it.

Pinrose Perfume

Inside my new favorite bag, was 10 Petal Packs of two scents. A Petal Pack is a single-dose perfume sachet, which has a little wipe moistened (one time use) with the scent. Pinrose offers Petal Packs in a variety of options for $24.00 / 20 petals and even an option to customize your own Petal Pack for $30.00 / 25 petals. I absolutely love this concept! Not only is this convenient for travel but this is such a great way to try different fragrances, without having to commit to a large size. Pinrose does offer one ounce size bottles as well, so once you find your favorite, you have the option to have it in a large spray bottle or petal packs.

Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume
Wild Child
Unleash your inner troublemaker with this flirty blend of jasmine and gardenia. Best worn with a twinkle in your eye.
Pinrose Perfume
Gilded Fox
Outfox your prey with this warm and sexy potion. Best worn with a barely there come-hither stare.

I received Pinrose’s two latest scents, Gilded Fox and Wild Child. Wild Child was definitely my favorite out of the two. It’s a floral blend that is a bit strong at first but settles in sweetly after a few minutes. It’s a great spring time scent that gives a playful feel. Pinrose scents are also great for layering and I absolutely love Wild Child alone and layered with other fragrances.

Gilded Fox was a completely different story but a funny story at that. When I first opened my Gilded Fox Petal Pack I wasn’t in love at first sniff. I applied the fragrance and after five minutes of sitting there trying to figure out what it reminded me of, it clicked! It reminded me of my ex-boyfriend’s cologne…

When my ex and I started dated in 2014, I absolutely hated the smell of his cologne, so trying not to be rude, I bought him a bottle of Rochas (my favorite men’s cologne) and crossed my fingers that he would stop wearing his favorite Issey Miyake. He didn’t pick up on the hint, so I ended up telling him one day to just stop wearing it. Immediately he was offended and then started wearing it every time we would fight, which at that point was fairly often. That story is hilarious to me now, since we are no longer together, but it sure wasn’t funny at the time.

Back to the Gilded Fox —> After I realized that Gilded Fox reminded me of his Issey Miyake cologne I searched the scent notes for both and apparently I do not like the scent of vetiver. Both the Issey Miyake and Gilded Fox have base notes of vetiver. The two scents between Issey Miyake and Gilded Fox are nothing alike but the vetiver immediately stood out to me and turned my smile upside down. To add to my vetiver checklist, for this month’s Scentbird, I chose Van Cleef & Arpels, Feerie which I immediately did not like and again found it contains vetiver. So literally in the last few weeks, vetiver has been surrounding me by surprise and I am not a fan.

Besides the vetiver and the dislike for my ex boyfriend, Gilded Fox has a cocoa and buttered rum fragrance. It reminds me of a hot, sultry, summer night on the beach. I did layer the Gilded Fox with the Wild Child and found that it was more appealing to me but still wouldn’t be my fragrance of choice. So in conclusion, if you love vetiver, you will most definitely want to check out Gilded Fox.

Pinrose Perfume

Right now, Pinrose is offering a Parfum A Go-Go Travel Wipe Set at Sephora which includes 20 Petals in 10 Pinrose fragrances listed below. And to make things even sweeter, next month for May I will be featuring Pinrose all month and will be giveaway Pinrose products, so stay tuned for that!

Cuddle Punk : playful mashup of apricot and vanilla
Garden Gangster : invigorating and fresh citrus blend
Gilded Fox : warm and sexy potion with notes of cocoa and hot buttered rum
Merry Maker : refreshing nectarine blend
Pillowtalk Poet : fresh laundry mix of powder and musk
Pinrose : unexpected rose and leather blend
Secret Genius : romantic blend of vanilla and caramel
Tambourine Dreamer : avant-garde bouquet of white lily
Treehouse Royal is an elegant mix of fig and moss notes
Wild Child : flirty bouquet of white flowers

In the meantime, go take Pinrose’s Scent Personality Quiz. It’s a short, fun quiz that will give you a summary at the end of their suggested fragrances based on your answers. You can see in the last picture that I’m a “Charmer” with three different scents I should try and guess what, I can buy a “Charmer” Petal Pack pre-made or I can make a Custom Petal Pack containing those and any other ones I want to try as well. Take the Scent Personality Quiz right here and tweet me and Pinrose your results.

Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume
Pinrose Perfume

Lastly, I would like to add that Pinrose has the most amazing and helpful creative team! Clearly that is obvious from their packaging and website, but they supplied images in various file types including photoshop files that I was free to use in this post. Not only is this very rare, as in the four years I’ve been blogging I’ve only had one other company ever do this. Though I only used a few of the images that were provided, it was delightful to have an array of options when laying out this post.

Beauty Blogger Reviews Every company out there should take note of this! It also helps with brand/company identity!

A huge thank you to Pinrose! Can’t wait to try all of the Pinrose fragrances! Make sure to follow them on social media and take the Scent Personality Quiz. Don’t forget to tweet me your results!

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