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Posted: Sunday, January 24th, 2016 at 7:00 PM
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Black Paint
Black Paint

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A gentle pore cleansing hand-made face soap with Kishu Bichotan Charcoal (White Charcoal) cleans pores and removes oil and dirt thoroughly but gently without stripping away skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin fresh and silky smooth.

Black Paint

Black Paint is an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Myyuki Co.Ltd. Since ancient times, plant oil treatments have been taught to be a secret to beautiful skin. More than one million Black Paint soaps were sold in Japan in year 2012.

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Black Paint Soap

Black Paint Soap has won the Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award Winner (a globally-renowned award run by International Institute for Quality Selections, Belgium, that evaluate quality of each product and grant them quality label) for consecutively 6 years since 2009 under the category of Cosmetics & Toiletries in Japan.

Black Paint

In November, I received a bar of Black Paint Soap along with a Black Konjac Sponge to test out. Normally I don’t do many skincare reviews, but this soap really peeked my curiosity. We all know the Oriental ladies have absolutely the most beautiful skin and we all want their secrets. This black bar of soap is packed full of goodies.

Black Paint

Black Paint Soap contains no alcohol, fragrances or artificial colorants. It is all natural, made from organic materials that nourishes skin with 23 types of plant oils, amino acids, silk powder and vitamins in honey and brown sugar. The Kishu Binchotan Charcoal effectively absorbs impurities and delivers natural minerals which is suitable for various skin types and body parts.

Black Paint

Binchotan or activated charcoal, a centuries-old Japanese ingredient used for purifying water, is being applied to all sorts of everyday things. The Japanese have long understood the health virtues of Binchotan charcoal, a type of hardwood charcoal made from oak burned at extremely high temperatures. Its porous surfaces make it an effective filter and water purifier while simultaneously releasing natural minerals. In Japan, it’s common to use Binchotan charcoal sticks in the bath and as filters for drinking water.

Notice that it’s not for all skin types? Yes though it contains lots of oils and nutrients, I did not find the soap moisturizing but actually quite the opposite, drying. This is most likely due to the fact that it is an alkaline soap and it is winter time. When using it I could feel my face tightening a bit but afterwards it would leave my face with an undeniable matte glow. I didn’t notice any scent or a fragrance left behind on my skin after using it.

So what does alkaline soap mean? I honestly didn’t know the difference between alkaline and acidic soaps before doing research for this post. This is what I found.

“Your skin makes a lightly acidic secretion to help protect itself. This is called the Acid Mantle. Because it is acidic, the most effective way to clean it off, along with excess oils, dirt and germs, is using an alkaline foaming system (soap!). Your skin begins re-secreting the mantle immediately. Within 20 minutes it is about 1/3 strength and with 2-3 hours it is back up at full strength. This varies slightly person to person, and there are rare cases of this mechanism failing in very sick individuals. In other words – this is an absolute non-issue.”
Quoted from:

“The use of soap on the outside is a rather drastic measure as evidenced by the substantial reduction of bacterial populations on the skin following its use. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it can be accomplished without stripping the skin of its own essential oils. The more alkaline the soap, the more likely it is to strip you of those essential oils.”
Quoted from:

Black Paint

The Black Paint Soap is utterly messy and will leave black residue on anything it comes in contact with when wet. I used a paper plate as a soap dish and kept it in the freezer between each use. I believe this helped extend it’s life as I don’t think it melted as much as it normally would at room temperature. The coldness of the bar also gave a cool sensation to my face. It goes on thick depending on the applied pressure and washes off easily. The soap removes makeup but make sure not to get it in your eyes as it will hurt like hell.

Black Paint

The Black Paint Soap also came with a Black Konjac Sponge. This black sponge is a 100% natural facial sponge made from konjac fiber kneaded with Binchotan charcoal and various minerals that enhance absorption ability, help removing excess oil and dead skin cells in the most delicate manner. It also exfoliates the skin, removing the surplus keratin, granting it translucence and allowing a good penetration of the lotion in the next step of the regime. The sponge itself is very uninviting when dry but as soon as it get wet it turns in a soft sponge that feels like a soft exfoliation on my skin.

Black Paint

The reason I don’t do many skincare reviews is first, I don’t have many issues with my skin and second I’m not the best candidate for before and afters as there aren’t issues to begin with. I enjoyed using this soap but for the price tag of $29.00 I didn’t see enough benefits for my skin to justify spending that much each month for face soap. Obviously if I had issues with acne, no price would too much to get rid of it, so if you are looking for an alkaline soap, click here for Black Soap ordering information.

The Black Konjac Sponge did replace my daily exfoliating glove. The exfoliation factor is very similar in feeling to an exfoliating glove but since it has the added benefits of konjac fiber kneaded with Binchotan charcoal and it has a string to hang between each use, I definitely give the Black Konjac Sponge a thumbs up. It’s $9.99 with free shipping which is only a few dollars more than a pair of exfoliating gloves.

There are four total steps in the Black Paint regimen and the two I received and mentioned in this post are considered to be the first step. Step two is a Best Water Toner followed by an Oil Water Rose Lotion which tightens pores. The final step is the Water Cream Moisturizer which protects pores.

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