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Posted: Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 11:00 AM
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Aquis Hair Towel

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Aquis microfiber hair towels are the ORIGINAL microfiber hair towel containing Aquis’ revolutionary Aquitex weave which transforms microfiber into a luxury towel fabric.


One product that is an absolute staple in my shower routine is the Aquis Hair Towel. I have been using an Aquis Hair Towel since I was in high school and the one I had been using had a good ten plus years of usage, so I was in the market for a new one. Around that time Aquis contacted me in regards to a collaboration and they were kind enough to send me a Waffle Luxe Hair Towel in addition to a brand new Lisse Crepe Hair Towel.

The majority of my life I’ve had long hair and it’s always been thick and coarse. It can take hours to dry, especially if it is tied up in a ponytail. Right out of the shower, my hair will immediately soak through a cheap hotel towel or jersey shirt. When using a jumbo towel, my neck will start to hurt after just a few minutes and they never stay tucked under for a consistent, tight hold. Since I’ve been using an Aquis towel for so long, I don’t realize how much awesome it is until I’m away and have to use a regular towel for my hair.


Several things have changed in the style and size since my last Aquis purchase, many years ago. Not only is there now a Waffle Luxe style but the regular size is two and half inches wider and ten inches taller and Aquis has also added a “Extra Long” size which is 19″ x 44″ for extra long hair. My old Aquis Towel measures to 16.5″ x 29″, whereas now the regular size is 19″ x 39″. My hair is extremely long and my ends do still stick out a tad bit of the regular size but compared my previous Aquis, the extra two and half inches drastically helps cover the majority of my hair, meaning less cold water drips down the back of my neck.


Had no idea what the difference between the Waffle Luxe and Lisse Crepe was, but after using the Lisse Crepe for many years and the Waffle Luxe for over a month now, I’ve noticed a few notable differences but nothing drastic. The first thing I did notice is the Waffle Luxe is a bit softer to the touch than the Lisse Crepe. Both towels are soft, the Waffle Luxe is a texture softness while the Lisse Crepe is more of a flat softness. Both are machine washable, which for me, is GREAT, as I do my makeup prior to styling my hair, so I just leave it tied up in the towel, but makeup always seems to find it’s way onto my pretty white towel!


The major difference I noticed was the Waffle Luxe soaks up more moisture than the Lisse Crepe and as you would imagine it then takes longer for the towel to dry. When using the Waffle Luxe the ends of my hair are mostly dry by the time I get finished applying my makeup verses being a bit damp when I use the Lisse Crepe. I noticed the Waffle Luxe will start to lean over and undo after about an hour, which I never noticed with the Lisse Crepe. Not sure if it’s because my hair is more dry causing it to shift or if I’m just trying to find differences and paid more attention. Either way, both towels are lightweight and easy for travel. To me, the Waffle Luxe has a more modern look but both styles come in various colors to match your preference.

So what are the benefits of an Aquis Hair Towel verses an ordinary towel. For starters it is made with Aquitex fibers, which have four to seven times the water-wicking rate than an ordinary cotton towel. Wicking is the technical term for how water travels through a fabric. Aquitex fibers are very fine and come in a special weave that is designed to channel water and carry it through the fabric. A bit like a system of canals and waterways. Leaving the surface touching the hair able to absorb more and more water. Whereas cotton towels get waterlogged and the water doesn’t travel…a bit like a swamp.

Hair is incredibly vulnerable to damage when it’s wet. If you rub it at this delicate point you can do damage that no serum or shampoo can repair, thus creating dull lifeless hair that is prone to frizz and breakage. Then if you blast your hair with heat, you can do even more damage. Drying hair gently is the key to healthy hair. But this is only possible with a towel with incredibly high water wicking capabilities.


BONUS: A short GROSS story about me and an Aquis towel. So be forewarned…
In 10th grade, I was shipped off to boarding school, which I hated every minute of. Soon after getting settled back into my dorm after winter break I noted my scalp was very itchy. For several days I noticed that my head was getting itchier and itchier every time I would get out of the shower. At first I thought I just had a dry scalp until I went to hang my Aquis towel on the rack and noticed something on the towel. What was it? ….lice. Ugh. I will never forget the visual image of lice crawling around on my Aquis towel but I immediately ran with the towel to the infirmary. Luckily I was blessed with the sweetest and very caring parents who then drove four hours to come help me do the NIX treatment and comb through every strand of hair. Needless to say, that was when my second Aquis towel was purchased which is the one I was still using until recently.

My whole adult life I’ve been complimented on my hair and after learning the background and facts regarding Aquis I’m pretty sure I can attribute my awesome hair to using their towels. I’ve never had a need to rub my wet hair when using the Aquis towel and apparently it’s protected my wet hair for many, many years now and made me aware of bugs crawling around in my hair. Check out their website for more information and see their whole line of products. They also carry a Hair Turban for you ladies that prefer that over a towel.

Make sure to check out this month’s giveaway, as it is sponsored by Aquis and one winner will win their very own Lisse Crepe Hair Towel. Click here for all the details. Have you tried Aquis Towels? Which style do you prefer, the Waffle Luxe or the Lisse Crepe? And which color would you get? I prefer the white, though I think makeup stands out on it the most.

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