Is a Beauty Blender Worth the Money?

Posted: Monday, December 21st, 2015 at 7:45 PM
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Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender Review

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beautyblender is a non-disposable sponge applicator that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup.

Beauty Blender Review

I avoided this pink egg for the longest time. I always thought to myself, “Who in the hell is going to pay $20 for a stupid sponge?” Well you can add me to that list now, twice. Last summer at The Cosmetic Market event, I finally gave in and made my first Beauty Blender purchase with a 20% discount.

I wouldn’t say it was love at first use, but I did quickly get attached and over time it became my go-to makeup applicator. I would even have to hide it from my cat, Lola, as she has always had a sponge obsession! She loves to steal sponges and chew on them as well as use them for batting practice across the floor. She never eats the sponges, just gets them dirty and puts holes in them. As you can see in the Vine below, she no problem stealing it right in front of me.

The bright pink is like a Lola magnet and she ultimately destroyed my first one a few weeks ago. I blame her, but in reality it was my fault for first leaving it out for the cat bandit to get, and second I put it in Clorox to sanitize it after Lola got it disgusting dirty. The Clorox basically dissolved it in under a minute. Oops! It was a good first run though, as it was past it’s prime of the recommended three to six month life span!

Lesson Learned: The Beauty Blender and Clorox are not friends at all.

Beauty Blender Review

The next two days I was completely lost without my Beauty Blender but luckily the following day was Cyber Monday and I was able to purchase a new one on sale. My new beauty just arrived a couple of days ago and I’m so happy to have one again. She looks so happy to be home, don’t you agree?!

Beauty Blender Review

I’ve never been a big brush girl, I’ve always used my fingers, q-tips or sponges for the majority of my own makeup applications. When doing professional makeup on clients I always use a combination of sponges, brushes and q-tips but being the germ freak that I am, I would never want to use the same Beauty Blender on two clients. This could get expensive if you have a lot of different makeup clients, but it could also be your “leave behind” so each time they use it, they think of you! *wink, *wink! To have one at all times in my own personal makeup kit, is now a must! If I had the funds, I would love to include one in each month’s giveaway package, but maybe one day!

After using a Beauty Blender and then not having one, I now understand why the Beauty Blender sponge is so popular. I felt lost without with. Not only does the Beauty Blender make foundation application easy but I use the sponge for practically my whole makeup application from eyeshadow fallout, cleaning up mistakes, blending concealer to cleaning up lip liner. I even use it to fade my blush, because the older I get, the more I seem to layer on each day. I’m already calling it now, I’m most definitely going to be one of those old women with a shit-ton of blush on my cheeks.

The container that it comes it should not be thrown out. It is the Beauty Blender’s little house when you are not using it and a shield from a cat bandit. I noticed when I first got the sponge that it takes a lot longer to dry out as I would sit the sponge on top of the container and it would take about a half of a day to drop back in the container. After some use it dries quicker and shrinks up faster. It is necessary to clean it often, which for lazy people can quickly become a chore.

The first use of a brand new Beauty Blender is pretty much like using a brand new eyeshadow palette for the first time, all the powder designs get ruined and the palette will never be as pretty as it originally was. The Beauty Blender is the same way, as it’s so perfect looking but as soon as I put makeup on it, it stains. Cheek stains especially stain the pretty egg but I suppose it gives my little sponge some character and makeup of her own.

Beauty Blender offers two types of cleaning solutions. I haven’t tried either, so I can’t state which I like better. I imagine if I had the specialized formulas, it might possibly make my sponge sparkly new again? Beauty Blender offers a liquid and solid version which can also be used to clean makeup brushes. They look similar in formula, both having a lavender fragrance but the solid is better for people who travel often.

The Beauty Blender sponge itself is latex-free, made out of antimicrobial foam, non-allergenic and odor free. So finally, to answer the original post question in one word, yes…it’s most definitely worth the money to me. What’s your final verdict of the Beauty Blender? Is it worth the all the hype and the price tag?

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