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Posted: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 at 6:00 PM
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Beauty Affair Recap Massage Envy
Massage Envy Spa

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Massage Envy Spa is the pioneer and national leader of affordable massage and spa services. Over a decade ago, Massage Envy Spa was launched to create a completely new category in the wellness industry. Our intention was to promote a healthy lifestyle through affordable therapeutic massage. As it turned out, people liked this idea.

Massage Envy

At the beginning of the month I was invited to Massage Envy for a complimentary Murad Facial to help celebrate their Summer Glow Skincare Event. I’ve never used Murad products but I do know that the brand offers a variety of products suited for all skin types. Rarely declining a spa offer, I quickly replied with an interest of booking an appointment.

The PR rep wrote me back and asked which dates would be good for me and if I had any skincare concerns. I wrote back, “The Perimeter Pointe location is two minutes from my house. Anytime after 4:30 PM on Thursday’s, Friday’s or Saturday’s are best for me…though my schedule during the week is pretty flexible. My main skincare concerns are skin tone and wrinkles.”

A few days later she wrote me back and told me that I would need to come to the North Druid Hills location which is 25 minutes away from my house, without traffic and my appointment was set up for the following Friday at 5:00 PM. I thought to myself, “Oops, that was as I asked!”, but driving in traffic is one of my least favorite things to do ever, especially if I don’t have to! I would rather not sit in traffic and be stressed out to get all the way across town and most likely have to sit in traffic on the way back since the facial was one hour.

I quickly wrote the PR rep back and told her that another time after traffic would be best for my sanity. She kindly set up another appointment for the following Thursday at 8:00 PM and asked for my address to mail me a gift card. The next day I received a gift card that was sent overnight UPS.

Facial Day Thursday came along and I left my house at 7:20 PM so I could arrive 15 minutes early as instructed to fill out preliminary paperwork since this was my first time to a Massage Envy location. Since it’s Atlanta, traffic is unpredictable and I hit a bit of traffic from an accident and then I made a wrong turn off the exit and ended up not walking into Massage Envy until 7:55 PM. I assumed that since I was required to visit this location and my appointment had been set up for the sole reason of being a blogger that the staff would have been aware of that. They were not. I walked in, told them my name and was handed a clipboard to fill out the paperwork. I filled it out as quickly as possible, since I walked in very late but still had a few minutes to sit before I was taken back into the consultation room.

Within those few minutes I asked the receptionist if I could take a few pictures, since I was there to blog about my experience. She looks at the other employee and they both nod their head and give me odd looks that felt like, “Only if you really have too, but it’s still weird.” I asked if I could include their picture in my post and everyone I asked was very reluctant, so to keep their privacy I did blur a face in the picture below.

Massage Envy

Briefly, I had time to take about four pictures when the receptionist called my name and then instructed me to sit in the consultation room. She came in and talked to me about my skin routine and skin care concerns. It honestly felt more like questionnaire of what I was doing wrong with my skin and how routine facials and Murad products could be more beneficial to my skin.

I suppose most people have a list of skin concerns, but thankfully I’ve always had great skin and anyone who tries to tell me that my daily skincare routine needs to change or I’m doing something wrong instantly puts me off. I was asked multiple times, including on the survey, the initial consultation along with the esthetician, how often I get facials. At the time it struck me as odd, as to why I was repeatedly asked that question but later on I found out why.

Massage Envy

After my five minute initial consultation I was left alone to sit for a few minutes when the esthetician, Tracey, who was doing my facial came and escorted me into the facial room. She told me to sit in the chair to the left as I walked in and she sat down at the end of the facial bed table. She then went over the conclusions of my consultation, which again felt more like a quiz. I again expressed that I didn’t have much interest in changing my skincare routine products but I would love to get facials more often, who the hell wouldn’t?

Massage Envy

Tracey then left the room while I undressed and gave me ample time to undress and get comfortable in the room. She knocked, came in and started explaining each step of the process. First she examined my skin under a magnifying light and determined that my skin was a bit dehydrated. She decided that the Sensitive Skin Facial would be the best option for my skin. There are four types of Murad facials that Massage Envy offers.

☆ Environmental Shield® Vitamin C Facial
☆ Clarifying Enzyme Acne Facial
Anti-Aging Facial
Sensitive Skin Facial

I want to try both the Anti-Aging Facial and the Environmental Shield® Vitamin C Facial to see if one is more beneficial than the others for my skin type. I’ve never suffered with acne, so the Clarifying Enzyme Acne Facial doesn’t peak my interest as much as the other three. The Sensitive Skin Facial was very gentle and did not cause any irritation or redness. My skin was more shinny than glowy the evening of the facial but the next day my face was glowing and continued to glow for the next few days. My main skin concerns are skin tone and wrinkles so I figured my skin would best be suited for the Anti-Aging Facial but I get the feeling that most everyone gets the Sensitive Skin Facial on their first visit to test the waters of the client’s skin mixed with the Murad products.

Overall the facial was very relaxing and the blackhead extraction process wasn’t painful at all. I loved Tracey and that she explained each step, so I was aware of what was going on and was happy to answer every question I had. I imagine over time, working with the same esthetician month after month, he or she would become familiar with a client’s particular skin concerns and the instructional steps and consultations would become less frequent or unnecessary. Below are all the products that were used on me during my facial. Massage Envy also offers a take home Murad maintenance routine that is available for purchase at the front desk.

Massage Envy

Surprisingly I didn’t feel pressured to buy the products, though she did mention the serum would be great for my skin. After Tracey finished the facial she again left the room and told me to take my time and come out whenever I finished getting dressed. When I walked out she immediately greeted me and handed me a cold cup of water to take with me and lead me out to the register.

From there I presented the gift card and the receptionist said, “I think your gift card should cover your services” I thought, huh?! Then the big sales speech started featuring their membership program. Massage Envy offers a Wellness Plan which is $59.99 per month and includes:

☆ A customized massage every month, or a Murad Healthy Skin facial for $10.00 additional
☆ Additional massages and facials at low membership rate
☆ Unused massages rollover
☆ Earn free massages and upgrades
☆ Family add-on specials
☆ Retail discounts and more

Maybe it’s just me, but I personally hate programs that charge my card each month and after coming home that evening and reading the reviews of program, I can assure you I won’t be signing up for a yearly membership. I will definitely go back and get another facial but to me I would rather pay the extra non-member $20.00 to not be locked into a yearly contract of $59.99 each month. The monthly price includes a one-hour massage but in order to get a facial it’s an additional $10.00 for the first monthly facial and $49.99 for each additional facial you get that month.

The contract is an auto renewal, one year commitment without an option to cancel. After 31 days a client can freeze their account for up to 6 months, without being charged, but still at that, the total comes to $359.94 per year and that’s without tax or tips. Many of the reviews spoke about prepaid services that were not honored as well as not even being able to get appointments. I also read several complaints about staff turnover being high. I did ask Tracey how long she had been there and she said three months, which immediately gave the impression that many of their employees are right out of school which can be a great thing, when you meet the right young esthetician.

In the end, I have mixed feelings about Massage Envy. The overall whole experience felt more like a clinical appointment than a relaxing spa visit and I get the feeling that the membership sales speech will be at the end of each non-member visit. But the results of my glowing skin draw me back along with the curiosity of the other types of facials. Next time, I will visit the location closest to my house, so even if there is traffic it will only take me five minutes at the very most.

Thank you to Massage Envy and Golin for my first Murad facial experience and if you are interested in getting a facial for yourself, Massage Envy is still offering $10.00 off your first facial until Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 to celebrate the Summer Glow Skincare Event, along with a free Murad sample to kick-start proper summer skincare. In addition, members and guests who pre-book an August facial in July will also receive a special Murad skincare kit. For more details about the event, click here to read my blog post.

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