VISIA Complexion Analysis

Posted: Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at 1:15 PM
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VISIA Complexion Analysis
VISIA Complexion Analysis

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post from the Summer Soirée and Media Party at The Elaine Sterling Institute I had the opportunity to have my skin analyzed by the VISIA Complexion machine. I had actually never heard of a VISIA skin analysis scan but I’m always open to learning about new things especially when it’s pertaining to my own skin. The VISIA analysis for several skin issues including, complexion, wrinkles, pores, brown spots, evenness of skin tone color, porphyrins which is bacteria on your skin and in your pores and UV damage.

The machine is a circular dome that has a place for you to rest your chin on and then a bright light flashes and takes an image of your face. After that the consultant does a 12 point face mapping on the computer screen for the software to analyze. The results are displayed about 20 seconds afterwards.

VISIA Complexion Analysis
Elaine Sterling Institute / VISIA
Photo © 2015 : Ashley Elizabeth

The results are displayed with a percentage score. At the event I was under the impression that the higher the percentage for all six the better and the lower the score was the worse it was. By that standard, my two worst were wrinkles and porphyrins. I was told that if you have peach fuzz on your face (which I do) it will cause the machine to read it as wrinkles. So if having a low score is terrible, a 7% of porphyrins means I am the super dirty kid with a germy face.

VISIA Complexion Analysis
Photo © 2015 : VISIA

Based on my results, I then met with Rachel, a soon to be Esthetician graduate of the Elaine Sterling Institute. She gave me a skin prescription based on a dirty face and dehydration. Rachel also recommended that I use a Clarisonic and come get Microderm and Oxygen Treatments.

VISIA Complexion Analysis
The Elaine Sterling Institute Skin Prescription
Photo © 2015 : The Elaine Sterling Institute

My prescription is as follows using The Elaine Sterling Institute Skincare Line:
Cleanse: Daily Gentle Skin Cleanser & Clarifying Skin Wash
Tone: Daily Nutrient Toner
Moisture: Total Everyday Hydration
Protect: Everyday SPF 25

Cleanse: Daily Gentle Skin Cleanser
Tone: Daily Nutrient Toner
Moisture: Total Everyday Hydration
Exfoliate: Vitamin C Micro-exfoliant (1 – 2 times per week)

In the process of putting this post together, I noticed while scanning in the VISIA results page there is a small paragraph that states “Percentile scores for texture, wrinkles, spots and pores depict your ranking relative to other of the same age, gender and skin type (higher scores are better). The scores for UV spots and porphyrins represent the number of individual skin features detected (lower scores are better).” After reading that I felt much better about my 7% porphyrins, but the 91% UV Spots concerns me a lot.

I’m going to get a facial at The ESI Spa in the next few weeks and I will definitely update you on which services I decide to get along with pictures to go along with the post. In the meantime follow Elaine Institute on social media!

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