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Posted: Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 6:00 AM
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Best Buy Bad Review

{ Best Buy Bad Review }

Best Buy Bad Review

Today I wanted to write a rant story which took up my entire week last week and I’m still a little angry about the whole thing. I will never step foot into a Best Buy store or do service with their company online ever again. I originally went to purchase a cheap dishwasher to replace the dinosaur I currently have. The cheapest dishwasher Best Buy offers is $299.00 which does not include installation. Bosch was currently offering a special that included installation which totaled out to only $50.00 more than what the cheaper dishwasher was going cost with installation and additional set-up fees. Naturally I decided to go with the nicer of the two that included installation and I also purchased three years of Geek Squad protection.

On delivery day, Monday, May 4th, the two men arrived half way through the four hour, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM delivery window. One man came up first and looked at my piping and started explaining that the install would not be able to be completed that day as I would need to hire a plumber to install a new hot water valve. “What, how much is that going to cost?” I asked! He replied he could not quote me but roughly in the ballpark of $100.00 – $150.00. I reply, “Ok, I guess you don’t need to bring up the dishwasher…if it’s not going to be installed!” He says, “The guy is already on his way up here.” Next thing I know there’s a knock on the door and it’s a guy, my size, carrying a dishwasher up three flights of stairs without an elevator. He dumps the dishwasher in my living room and they both leave. Keep in mind I live in a six hundred square foot condo. Every inch in this place is valuable space and a dishwasher just hanging out in the living room is not ideal.

That afternoon I called about seven plumbers and got estimates from $325 all the way up to $1000 to replace a hot water value. Some tell me the water to the whole condo complex has to been turned off, which has to be scheduled weeks in advance and some tell me that it’s not necessary. After several hours on the phone I was so confused and fuming that I felt like Yosemite Sam when steam came out of his ears. Next I call the Best Buy customer service line and bless out one of their customer service representatives. I got transferred several times until I got a lady named Ariel. Ariel was amazing. Actually everyone I dealt with on a personal level, from the retail sales lady, CJ, the delivery and pick-up drivers along with the customer reps were all very helpful and friendly and my gripe isn’t at them or their customer service it’s at Best Buy and their core service.

Ariel tells me that she will work on my issue and possibly find out if one of their personnel would be able to do the work and the maximum charge would be $165.00. “Great!” I said. She called me back early the next morning and informs me that they do not have anyone that can come out to help get the dishwasher installed. OK! I LOST IT. How in the hell does a million or billion dollar company not have anyone that can help get their products installed at a customer’s house?

This absolutely blew my mind. I don’t expect Best Buy to have plumbers on staff but I would most certainly expect them to have third party contractors that would be readily available to help their customers have a smooth experience. I asked the delivery drivers if they were part of the Geek Squad or were they 3rd party contractors. As you probably guessed, they are 3rd party contractors! Awesome…why aren’t there any 3rd party plumbers that Best Buy could refer me to use at least?

Personally I hate anyone coming into my house but especially random contractors that I have called off the internet. I actually had to get the garbage disposal replaced a few days before the dishwasher went out and ended up calling Roto-Rooter which I figured was a reputable company. Roto-Rooter sent out a guy who was around my age and he initially told me it was going to be $700.00 to install my garbage disposal. I told him he was out of his damn mind and there was no way I was going to pay that. He told me that he could work out a deal if he could run my credit card twice. (smh)

Ultimately after negotiating with him for ten minutes he charged me $250, with $150 going to Roto-Rooter and $100 going on his personal bank account. That price was for the install only. I had already gone to Home Depot and purchased the garbage disposal prior to him coming and installing it. While installing it, he was very flirty and leaves me his personal cell number for future needs which creeps me out when I’m obviously not flirting back and noticeably uncomfortable.

The next day is when I ran the dishwasher and it wouldn’t drain. Naturally I assumed it had to do with the garbage disposal install. So I called Roto-Rooter back hoping they would send out someone else as I didn’t want flirty McGee to come back. Well they dispatch the same guy and he was upset that I called the main office and not his cell number. He puts on his black rubber gloves, double checked the install, stands up and in a rude tone says, “Just like I thought, my install was perfect and it’s your dishwasher that’s the problem, not my install!” and walks out. Later that evening, I walked to my car and the black rubber gloves had been thrown on the floor, in the main walkway of my complex. So rude and unprofessional. Garbage disposal installed —-—> Now back to the main story.

In the midst of loosing my cool on the phone Tuesday morning I told Ariel that I just wanted them to come pick up the dishwasher and give me a full refund. I paid $642.07 cash but was told I would receive a check in the mail after the return was complete. At this point I was happily surprised they didn’t try and charge me a restocking or delivery fee of some kind. I also asked why did I pay for three years of Geek Squad when they initially can’t even send out someone to install it. It might cover parts and wear & tear but that’s not going to help if the person doesn’t know squat about plumbing. She just gave me the fluff answer of it covers the basics, blah, blah, blah.

At the end of the conversation Ariel put me in touch with another girl who scheduled the pick up for Wednesday, between 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. By 2:00 PM no one was here yet, so I called customer service complaining and at 2:30 PM a truck finally pulled up. The first guy comes up and looks at the piping and explains to me that it could have been installed without a new water value but it would definitely be better to have a new value installed. The second guy knocks on the door around that time with all the paperwork for me to sign.

I explained to both of them that I was not signing anything until I watched them carry down the dishwasher, take pictures of it being loaded on the truck and then I would sign saying it had not been damaged, used, etc. I had a feeling Best Buy was going to try and screw me saying it had been damaged and hold back my refund for damages. Little did I know they would pull a better one than that.

On Friday, two days after the dishwasher had been picked up, I call the local retail store where I initially purchased the dishwasher and the lady, CJ tells me that they have no record of it being picked up at all. ah haaaaaa. I seriously just started laughing on the phone. Not only did I have pictures of installers, pictures and video of the dishwasher being loaded onto the truck but I also made sure to get a contact number. I told CJ I would be happy to forward over those pictures and I also gave her the installer’s cell phone number.

Two hours later, I get another call from CJ, who says my refund is ready to be picked up at the store, but she is leaving in one hour and if possible to come before she leaves. I rushed up there and then there were issues with which register had enough cash and then they had to cash out one register to fill change for the chosen register. Followed by the refund having to be split into two different transactions since Geek Squad was a separate, additional charge. I ended up being in the store for twenty minutes getting a cash refund instead of the original stated check refund, which obviously I prefer, it’s just one more inconsistency with this whole experience.

All in all, I’m very thankful and truly surprised I was able to get every penny back. But what an absolute disaster and complete waste of time. I’m disappointed in the overall lack of a hassle free, easy installation. Being a single, woman sometimes I feel like I get taken advantage of by contractors who do air conditioning, plumbing, wiring, etc., things I have no idea about. I assumed by going to a reputable, big named company that I would be taken care of and my wallet would not be cleaned out. I don’t understand why Best Buy wouldn’t have a list of recommend and trusted contractors that could resolve any issue that would arise from their product installations with a standard price list to offer their customers. It makes absolute no sense to me and for that reason I would never recommend Best Buy to a friend or enemy but I do hope someone from Best Buy reads this rant and implements some type of program for future customers. Obviously one angry, lost customer doesn’t mean much to such a large company but I imagine if this happens to enough people over time, one by one can slowly accumulate to many.


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