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{ Reveal : April 2015 }

30-day supply of a designer fragrance every month. Subscribe for only $14.95 per month.


Anna Sui – “La Vie de Bohème” Fragrance Notes
Quoted from:
Top Notes:
Rose, Pear, Berries, Dragonfruit
Middle Notes
Base Notes
Woods, Musks, Black vanilla, Sandalwood

Last December I got to reveal my first Scentbird monthly package. Scentbird is a monthly perfume subscription service that sends you a 8 mL perfume of your choice each month, to conveniently go in their refillable, travel-size atomizer. For more information on exactly what the service is and how it works check out my very first Scentbird post here.

For my first month of Scentbird I chose, Dior – “Hypnotic Poison”.  It smelled really good in the bottle but like most perfumes it smelled weird on me or with my pheromones.  I rarely ever get compliments on smelling good.  I’ve never found one perfume that mixes like magic to make me smell absolutely delicious.  The comment that put the kibosh to “Hypnotic Poison” was after a week of wearing it someone told me, “You smell like Pepto-Bismol.” Umm, great, so I’ve been told by different people about various perfumes that I smell like “rotten peaches”, “gas station incenses” and now “pepto-bismol”.

With all that said, that’s the true beauty of Scentbird! Two months of Scentbird I’m completely sold. I was still on the fence after my first month as perfumes just don’t seem to like me, but my second month was the deal-maker.  Not only did I fall in love with the Scentbird atomizer but I truly got a feel of having a fragrance that I enjoyed right at my fingertips. I got to see how the perfume mixed with me throughout days and nights, going out or laying low.

For my second month I chose Anna Sui – “La Vie de Bohème”.  I’ve never tried any products or perfume from Anna Sui so I had no idea what to expect.  Usually I have patience and wait until I film the reveal video before I use the product but my Scentbird package arrived on an evening I was going out and I ripped open the bubble package and sprayed away.  The scent is soft but doesn’t fade quickly.  The scent notes are listed above and I’m pretty sure I’ve come to the conclusion that I love most all perfumes with sandalwood.

I didn’t get any comments that I smelled great wearing “La Vie de Bohème” but I didn’t get any negative comments either, so I suppose “La Vie de Bohème” is in the running if I ever decide to start a perfume collection.  So now I know I’d much rather spend $46.00 on Anna Sui – “La Vie de Bohème” than $59.00 on Dior – “Hypnotic Poison” but better yet spend $14.95 to get a new scent with Scentbird next month and possibly find that magic one that goes perfectly with my body chemistry.  I’ve attached the perfume comparison chart that I created in December to give you a quantity perfume visual idea of Scentbird, samples and full size perfume bottles.

Scentbird : Click to Download (.pdf)
Photo © 2015 : Ashley Elizabeth

I received the package on March 25th and my atomizer was sadly empty on April 12, meaning my sprayer lasted almost three weeks. To clarify though, I always use at least three squirts, several times throughout the days I wear perfume. Somedays I don’t leave the house, so obviously I don’t use perfume on those days.  As mentioned in the video below, do make sure the top of the refill dispenser is on tightly. I think I lost a few days of perfume as it was loose one day and leaked into my purse and the bottom of the atomizer.

ScentBird - April 2015

Photo © 2015 : Ashley Elizabeth

Right now Scentbird has a limited edition pink atomizer for new subscribers. I personally love the pink as first it’s pink and what girl doesn’t love pink but second it’s easier to find in my purse than the black one. All new atomizers come with a little draw string velvet bag, but personally I don’t even use the bag. I love that it’s so quick to get out, twist up, spray, twist down and back in my purse, all with one hand.

Photo © 2015 : Ashley Elizabeth

Currently you can purchase addition atomizers by contacting customer service, but soon they will be available for purchase off the website for $10.00. As mentioned earlier Scentbird is currently offering the pink atomizer for a limited time and a little birdie told me that other colors might be available in the near future.

Photo © 2015 : Ashley Elizabeth

Make sure to go check out Scentbird and subscribe today! Be on the lookout for more Scentbird reveal videos in the coming months. Which fragrance would you suggest me to get next or which one will be the first one you will order for your Scentbird subscription?

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