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Archipelago Botanicals
Archipelago Botanicals

{ Havana Glass Jar Candle }

Welcome to the world of Archipelago Botanicals – where warm candlelight, exquisite fragrance, and soothing products make a house a home. Draw a bath, light a soy wax candle, and enjoy the beautiful and calming effects of essential oils, natural fragrances and fine fragrance blends. Gentle, natural based bath and skin formulations are loaded with pomegranates and other powerful antioxidants to keep skin looking young, healthy and vibrant.

Archipelago Botanicals
Havana Glass Jar Candle
Photo © 2013 : Ashley Elizabeth

“A tobacco candle has never smelled so lovely as our Havana Soy Candle.

A fresh take on the tropical candle – featuring a unique blend of Bergamot fragrance, Ylang Ylang and Tobacco Flower fragrance – this long-lasting Archipelago Soy Candle features dark brown soy wax and a decorative apothecary jar with lid.

At Archipelago Botanicals, our luxury scented candles are known for their premium essential oil fragrances and superior scent throw. Long lasting Archipelago soy candles make the perfect gift for any occasion and are among the best selling spa-quality aromatherapy candles on the market.

Burns for approximately 60 hours.”

Quoted from website:

One of my guy friends turned me on to this candle. I walked into his house one day, which normally smells like a wet dog and I immediately asked, “What smells so good in here?” He replied, “I got some candles from the Scents and Suds store.” I went out later that day and bought myself the “Havana” scented candle made by Archipelago Botanicals. This candle smells so good and is absolutely my favorite candle I have ever smelled. It is more of a masculine scent but I absolutely love my house to smell exactly like “Havana“. The scent is made up of an essential oil fragrance blend of Bergamot, Tobacco and Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang means ‘flower of flowers’ and has aphrodisiac qualities, making this candle a true romantic and mood candle.

The scent fills the air quickly and will last for a short time even after you blow out the flame. Archipelago Botanicals offers a variety of other scents that also smell wonderful but the “Havana” is absolutely my favorite. The only complaint I’ve had about them was the candle didn’t burn evenly, but I soon discovered it was my fault for not reading the directions properly.  The wick needs to be trimmed to a quarter of an inch in order for the candle to burn evenly.  But if you forget the uneven wax build-up can easily be pushed down back into the candle so you don’t loose any burning hours.

Before discovering “Havana” I could have never imagined paying $20.00 for one candle as I never found one I truly loved.  But since discovering the candle last year I have not been without one to burn. The candle is totally worth the price as it lasts a very long time. I usually burn the candle for an hour or so each day with the average candle life being about a month and a half.

Some additional features about the candle are:
• All natural soy candles are made from organic, renewable resources (soybeans) and essential oil fragrance blends and contain safe, lead free wicks.
• Eco-friendly soy wax burns much cleaner than traditional candle wax, and, with the proper trimming of wicks (recommended 1/4″), creates substantially less soot and smoke.
• Long lasting, scented soy candles burn 30% longer than regular wax and our proprietary blend yields superior scent delivery.
• Soy wax residue can be washed away with warm water and soap.
• Premium Soy Wax blend contains 70% natural soy wax, natural palm wax, beeswax and food grade paraffin wax.
• All Archipelago candles are handmade candles and are hand-poured in the USA.

For more information on Archipelago Botanicals or to see the different scents they carry, check out their website at: or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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