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Product Review Borghese Beauty Superiore Mascara

{ Prima Plum }

Intense, dramatic lashes with one easy stroke! This unique formula offers volume, length and curl with Argan Oil to condition and protect. The curved brush hugs the natural eye shape to coat every lash while fanning and feathering. No clumps, no flakes, no smudges!

I was very excited to try out Borghese’s Superiore Mascara. Upon waiting for the package I was hoping I would receive the “Black” shade, but much to my surprise I received the “Prima Plum” shade. I’m going to be honest I would have never purchased a “Plum” shade on my own, but after using it, I was impressed with the color and the way it accented my blue eyes more than black mascara does.

The packaging of the mascara is very nice. It comes enclosed in a silver and gold package and the mascara is encased in a decorative, silver and gold mascara tube. As you can see in the pictures below, the mascara has a rich plum color. It goes on very easily and I found it wore all day without smudging. It did not flake and it wasn’t dry on lashes, meaning it didn’t cause brittle lashes. I don’t have very sensitive eyes, but I had no irritation what so ever with this mascara.

As you can see in the examples below, the difference between one coat verses two coats of mascara made a huge difference, in accenting the color and thickening of each individual lash. As I say in every mascara/lash post, my lashes are sparse, so it’s hard for any mascara to make them look va va voom, but I was surprised at how much the plum color drastically brightened and brought the blue out in my eyes. Even one of my friends made a comment one night when I was wearing it, about how blue my eyes looked.

This mascara is great for defining lashes along with giving them a bit of thickness. I can’t wait for summer to get here, as I believe this is going to be the perfect mascara for me during the summer. First, when it’s hot and humid outside, the Prima Mascara won’t leave me looking like a raccoon, with smudge circles around my eyes. And second, the “Plum” color would be great for simple summer looks where black mascara can be too heavy or drastic. All in all my favorite combo was the “Plum” with a gold tint eyeshadow. I would suggest trying out this mascara especially “Plum” for anyone with blue or hazel eyes.

Borghese’s Prima Mascara is available at Image Beauty Discount Center for $16.58 and is available in four shades, “Black”, “Bronzo”, “Brown” & “Prima Plum”. You will be happy to know that Image Beauty Discount Center carries Borghese Beauty products at a deeply discounted price. You can find Image Beauty Discount Center on facebook and twitter. Tomorrow I will be reviewing a few Borghese Beauty skincare items. One of those products I have especially fallen in love with. Make sure to like Borghese Beauty on facebook or follow Borghese Beauty on twitter.

Borghese Marcara

Borghese Marcara
Mascara Tube and Wand

Borghese Marcara
Color Swatch

Borghese Marcara
Before: No Mascara

Borghese Marcara
One coat of “Prima Plum” Borghese Marcara on top lashes.

Borghese Marcara
Two coats of “Prima Plum” Borghese Marcara on top lashes.

Borghese Marcara
Top view.

Borghese Marcara
Both eyes with “Prima Plum” Borghese Marcara on top and bottom lashes.

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  1. Hi I love Mascara, and it a subject i have discovered which can divide people, some love it and some hate, some found their perfect band while some are still finding their.
    However i will take a look at this mascara, the packaging does look really nice and i love the effect on your lashes. Hmm maybe i need to try this one out. Thanx for the review. x

    • I totally agree, some mascaras you will love others will hate…but I guess that’s actually almost everything with beauty! That’s what makes us beauty bloggers so unique to one another! I truly appreciate your feedback!! It means a lot to me! Thanks Anna! ♥

  2. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats!

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